Stress mosquitoes environment


One way to stress the environment of mosquitoes is to clean up weed infested, unsanctioned dumping areas– convert into a family or local complex veggie garden.

We cleaned up, roped off, what had been a neglected open plot of land in front of our new rental unit. Now it is a blooming veggie garden. Soon I will be spraying the plants with a DIY Garlic Spray. Garlic fields are an anathema to mosquitoes. You will not find such a hazardous pest in a garlic field.  Checkout this link for a extremely well received and highly acclaimed garlic based product Mosquito Barrier.

Likewise, I have used a milder blend, minus the vegetable oil (as mentioned above), around the house, spraying dark out-of-the-way places, stressing spaces where mosquitoes congregated. The garlic scent of most sprays, is short-lived to the human ability to detect odors, pleasant or distressing.  Mosquitoes are attracted to black, the color blue, and dark places.

Those of us who live in areas where mosquitoes are a year round pest, and to those who have seasonal battles– consistency is the key to have a less stressed home environment but made stressful to mosquitoes. This link to a CDC Report is an eye opener to all.

We must be consistent and accept the fact, as a single individual, family member, some person must take charge to have a closed-door policy, no tolerance for living in close quarters with such a dangerous flying insect present. Especially for those of us who have children. Our responsibility is to protect innocent minors from the sources of invasive diseases, in our homes and in our communities.

Mosquitoes must not find a place to rest or lurk where ever we find ourselves in any twenty-four hour period. Until we advocate such a stance within our various living spaces, or places we spend time away from home– we will continue to fall prey to this seemingly ever-present insect flying menace.

Within our living spaces at home, surrounding our homes, where our children go to school, where we work, play, or seek entertainment or refreshment– we must all unite and stress mosquitoes environment.

Yesterday we visited the home of a nearby friend. While the wives found a place to do their updating, Ken and I sat down, and it was not long before the conversation about mosquitoes was the subject of our serious discussion. He showed me a rechargeable mosquito swatting rackets. It was of a better quality than the one I purchased at a local outlet, now a history household item disposed of in the trash. Like some others I had seen, it had a flashlight on the end of handle.

Ken’s house is about seventy percent completed. The way many homes are constructed here, ceilings are one of the last structural things completed. He pointed out how he had rigged a mosquito net ceiling over his bedroom, so he could have peace of mind while he and his wife hopefully enjoyed a nights sleep. Another favorite topic of discussion, is our DIY formulations, using products available for locally. This will be discussed in my next posting in more detail.

Regardless of where we live, in a Shanty community, or in a palace, mosquitoes are somewhere on the prowl, determined to find a blood meal. Our challenge is to win this battle to stress mosquitoes out of our twenty-four our daily living schedules– yet not distress our lives and living spaces.

Passing On A Tip:

I read online, pouring a small amount of sweet wine, into a shallow small dish or cup like bowl, will become a mosquito trap magnet. After a few days the wine should be replaced with a fresh portion. Sounds interesting.

When we make our monthly trip to do our major shopping in Bogo City, I will purchase a bottle of Sangria and give this a try. In my mind’s eye, I view this a possible truth. Do you know this to be true?


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