DIY Mosquito Repellents Work

DIY Mosquito Repellents Work (applied at *three hour intervals)

Once you learn to use one, or a blend of oils and other natural alternatives, that repel mosquitoes, you are free to experiment what is best for you.

From garlic oil to vanilla extract, one has astringent properties, the other sweetness, you can experience days without mosquito bites.

How many times have we heard and read online; “I must be sweet. Mosquitoes love to bite me.” Such love is based both on sweetness yes, but also sourness, such as day old feet, a delicacy to mosquitoes.

The above being true, mosquitoes are drawn to sugar, such as open bottles or cans which contained sweet soft drinks. Getting back to feet, as a last point before moving along, socks you’ve worn for a day, attract mosquitoes. Two body areas that almost drives me insane when bitten, bites on my fingers, and the edges of the soles of my feet. I wonder if you share this misery too?

DIY natural alternative products available in some local markets.
DIY natural alternative products available in some local markets.


     1. VICKS VapoRub (relieves most itching in about 15)

     2. Miniature refillable spray bottle

   Second Row:

     3. CITRONELLA BUG SPRAY  (purchased locally)


     5. 100% Virgin Coconut Oil     

     6. Bottle used to shake and blend 3., 4., 5.

The products you see in the picture, are locally available to me. This does not prevent you or me from shopping online if necessary.

The small refillable miniature spray bottle, is in my pocket wherever I go. Depending on the area of exposed skin to be protected, I squirt one to four squirts into the palm of one hand, gently rub both palms together, then spread the oil over any exposed areas of skin.

For my head (I shave my head) and facial areas, I spread only the residue left on the palms of my hands, only after diligently rubbing the DIY Repellent Oil over another area of exposed skin, arms, legs, or feet.

The mini-spray bottle originally contained a free sample of some sweet-smelling body lotion product. I flushed out the lotion and filled it with my DIY blend.

As products are available, this is my most common blend:

  • 25% virgin coconut oil – so healthy for your skin

  • 50% of the purchased blended Citronella product

  • 5% (or more) of the blended EffICASCENT OIL product – this is very aromatic

Changing, increasing or decreasing ingredients of oils and purchased blends, should be a pursuit to find what is non-irritating to your skin, and acceptable to your sense of smell. I find none of the current products offensive to me but my dog, age 1yr/1mo sneezes every time he sniffs me, if I’ve just applied the blend. Guess, some dogs can’t resist being curious sniffers.

Please ask question, comment, and give your suggestions on you deal with mosquitoes.

*This is the way it works for me.  I’m continuously exploring with increasing or adding different ingredients, trying to get a longer lasting effect.  Sleeping in a short sleeve shirt, which I dab on a light film of the Efficascent Oil, the same as I would do my arms and legs– gets me through the night without any bites. t It works.  Just use your own thinking and find what is best for you and your personal comfort.

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