Mosquito Barrier vs. Mosquitoes

Ever present mosquitoes allows us no time to relax our 2013 goals for a mosquito free home and community environment.

My grandmother’s words; “There’s more than one way to skin a cat!” Those are a very cruel and inhumane mixture of words. The logic behind this hand-me-down wisdom, if you live long enough, seventy-four years in my case, you will begin to understand, and almost to late.

The title of this post, fits perfectly the agony I feel behind the words Mosquito Barrier.

I’ve lived long enough, seventy-four years, to appreciate another of my grandmother’s wise words to me.

Every dog will have its’ day, and every cat will have its’ night. At least these words do not picture violence, but will work perfectly to reach a conclusion, I hope, for this posting.

Several years ago, I tried to get the attention of the manufacturers of a product that is very successfully marketed in the USA. I think successfully, as I have not done any investigative research on this company.

Also, during these several years ago, I met with local community leaders, who directed me to other regional leaders, who directed me to city-wide leaders. The expense and time spent, preparing and handing out a professionally prepared presentation, color printed, business like transparent binders, proved to be a complete waste of time– does this sound familiar to anyone who reads this blog?

Being a seasoned civil/human rights advocate, from my childhood to this day, naturally I took this same prepared handout document to a local city-wide distributed newspaper. I spoke to someone at the city editor’s desk. That was the beginning and ending of my efforts. No replies.

Time, space, and maybe your busy attention span, I will not abuse. Simply I say, if you are seriously interested in controlling mosquitoes around your living environment, your community, where children go to school, where adults eat out and enjoy entertainment, and those when depend on any form of public transportation– you need to take a look at Mosquito Barrier.

I raise the bar a little higher, because this is a Bucket List Dream Wishes item, obviously I can not realize without getting broad support.

Hopefully you’ve read, or will read other pages devoted to the 2013 burying of Dengue Fever & Serious Dengue Fever– Not Our Child/ren. 2013 will be the year, as united parents, guardians, and concerned global citizens, we bury disease bearing mosquitoes and not our innocent victimized children.

As adults, many of us have a common fault– “It only happens to the other guy/person.” What I’m asking of all who read this, don’t wait until it, anything, happens to you before becoming pro-active.

Were I to close this page before making a major final plea, I would have missed the boat for sure.

Countries, that have a garlic growing farm industry, why not initiate Research & Development, Manufacturing, and Distribution of a garlic based product. Put the university brain powers, farmers, manufacturers, and distributors on a fast track to develop a non-poisonous product. There is a proven need for a product that all can afford, citizens, local and national government agencies included.

This is a growing blog, so please plan to read pages already posted. Pages will be added frequently……



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