Diseased Mosquitoes Won’t Bite You If…

DIY natural alternative products available in some local markets.
DIY natural alternative products available in some local markets.

Mosquitoes anywhere on this earth, in season/out-of-season, the disease bearing ones, or those whose bite only irritates you to no end, 2013– if you get busy they won’t bite.

  • Many of us can not afford the out-of-this-world pricing of extremely popular, poisonous and non-poisonous sprays and topical repellents, priced for what the larger consumer individual or family budgets can maximally bear.
  • Local and national governments, in some regions, struggle to budget methods that do not lower the death rates of children dying in their areas of responsibility.
  • Pamphlets, aerial and ground spraying, fast-moving sound trucks, periodic campaigns, often to close to rainy seasons– have all failed to stop disease bearing mosquitoes from spreading to new global areas, re-invading areas that experienced some control success, nor decrease death rates.

Lots of bellyaching here– so as a non-professional, but as a citizen of the world what do I suggest!

  • Capture the hearts and minds of this world’s citizens, every where, for one year, 2013, and death rates will go down.
  • People in local and national leadership, including NGOs, should put on their sweat bands and work hand-in-hand with citizens, especially in the poorest neighborhoods, paving the way forward for a 2013 victory, invigorating the hearts and minds of all people against mosquitoes.
  • Improve on all current programs but drop the poisons. (detail suggestions will be made in future posts)

  • Countries that have a garlic farming industry need to enter into partnership with existing manufacturers that have successful human and environmentally products– big hint Mosquito Barrier.
  • If partnership with existing manufacturers is not a desirable option, then use your university brain powers to R&D Manufacture and Distribute products that utilize your own resources. This will provide more jobs and benefit local farmers and existing businesses. What is so un-doable about this suggestion from such a humble citizen?
    • There must be a full working partnership between the average citizen, not overlooking the poorest citizenry, in the year just ahead of us. When boards sit down to devise plans to conquer Dengue Fever & Severe Dengue Fever, no entity within the population should be denied a voice. Excluding ordinary citizens in planning has shown its results– failure to reduce the death rates, and children, who lead the death tally, are the greatest innocent victims of our failures……

2013 Needs to be the year we Bury Dengue Fever & Serious Dengue– Not Our Child/ren!

Note:  When a citizen dies, young 100_0086ovor old, the country loses a taxpayer source– so why the big deal about not having a safety net to keep us alive, like you do for the global business industries.

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