Natural cures for dengue fever – Raw Papaya Leaves & Camote Tea

“1. RAW PAPAYA LEAVES – It is a natural cure for dengue fever. The juice of Papaya leaf is a sure cure for platelet deficiency. Dr. Sanath Hettige, who conducted the research on 70 dengue fever patients, said papaya leaf juice helps increase white blood cells and platelets, normalizes clotting, and repairs the liver.There is a condition to this remedy, however. According to Hettige, the papaya leaf juice will not be as effective during the final stages of dengue fever since, by then, the patient’s organs are already badly affected by the disease.”

How many multiple of thousands of times have we been told– even as we read these words, “All we can do is to attempt to keep the patient alive and provide as much comfort as possible.”  We have been told, I have been told, only very limited treatment is available for dengue fever and severe.

That’s not true.

For years, because I passionately search for truth, I’ve known some of the things this doctor mentions in this extensive article.  Every morning at breakfast time, I drink a cup of hot camote tea.  Leaves are picked fresh from our veggie garden.  Read the article and you will know why I love my camote tea each morning.

If you take the time to read this article, and pass it on to others, including medical professionals– we may begin to win the battle against needless deaths, especially those of innocent children.

Advocating the findings of Doctor Sanath Hettige

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Truth is a gem you have to search out, deeply and far beyond readily available institutions that assail your ears, eyes, thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

A life saving alert:

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Disclaimer: As a Great-grandfather family webmaster, what I share should never be accepted as being medical advice, merely a sharing of easily researchable links for the purpose of educational sharing in the public interest.

You should research for yourself and make your best intelligent decisions— even before or after consulting with medical professionals who have earned your trust. /Nicasio Martinez