Dengue Fever – Victory Won / Unknown World Over

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Alicia's now teen son, is a dengue survivor
Alicia’s now teen son, is a dengue survivor

Unlike the flashing in the world’s great Times Square

the victory news– Victory over dengue shines not.

Remember the dancing in the street– sailor grabs nurse

both enraptured by news of victory and end of World War

There is no such broadcast or joyful newsletter–

victory over dengue is as if top-secret!

Why this dilemma?

Why not we hear the cheers around the globe?

Is it the tycoons can not embrace the simplicity

of this victory?

Is it they do not hear the increase of gold and silver in their chambers,

a warlock’s trove of thievery against the poor and downtrodden?

O’ dengue where is your sting?

taking our youngest and oldest even to early graves

Dengue Fever – Victory Won / Unknown World Over!

Our day will yet come

prepare for the dance

look to the lights above great- great squares

bells will toll from ancient forgotten towers

feet will march through the grand arcs of old.

Victory has come

this win the poor can afford.

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