Dengue Fever Cure – Thanks Dr. Sanath Hettige

Nature supplies all our needs - some planted in our veggie gardens
Nature supplies all our needs – some planted in our veggie gardens

A cure:

In India, it is front page news, papaya leaf juice is being highly sought for, as the cure for dengue fever– cure!

A tribute of thanks for Dr. Sanath Hettige:

In the year 2008, Dr. Sanath Hettige published his findings in the BMJ (British Medical Journal). The purpose of releasing this information was to help save lives, the sooner the better. Waiting for more detailed time-consuming scientific studies, would, and has, increase/d death tolls.

We owe a big debt of thanks to Dr. Sanath Hettige who published his findings of the healing properties of the hand pressed oil from the red leaf species of the Carica papaya trees.


Three years later, obviously in an effort to get the attention of a foot-dragging public acceptance, that a cure for dengue fever was handed to the world, he again published his findings for a second time in the BMJ.

Some viewed his effort only being worthy of being viewed as an ‘indigenous’ natural alternative.  This left the poor of this world without a viable option, low-cost, and no hospitalization necessary.. Having no knowledge until just very recently, of Dr. Hettige methods, it cost a small fortune in Philippine Pecos, before the hospital would release my wife’s son, after being admitted to the hospital for fifteen days. We had to send a money transfer to Leyte, and he was bedded with a classmate of his until his relatives showed with money in hand.

Alicia's now teen son, is a dengue survivor
Alicia’s now teen son, a dengue survivor

The unpleasantness of our experience diminishes when you consider the millions who put off seeking medical attention, until they can no longer bear the agony of an illness that has gripped them into severe suffering– I speak of the poor of this world.

Our children, the truly totally innocent victims, often pay dearly with their young lives, filling one too many graves. A life cut down, when it has just begun.

In future posts I will share in detail the methods used in this treatment which can be done without being hospitalized. This brief posting is to get the world informed– there is a cure for dengue fever.  Rejoice today.

Wake Up Everybody!

Until you and I, and even one time visitors, wake up and demand the mass media to insure every citizen of the world knows of his findings– the dread of suffering, or death will continue needlessly. Wake Up Everybody! Let’s make it our duty to tell the world with or without help from the world mass communication networks. At least you now know– there is a cure for dengue fever.

(continued from source: The Times Of India)

Now having bonafied verification of a long known existing natural alternative cure, any uniformed health practitioner, either in ignorance, and some willfully– no longer serves the public interest.

2008 & 2011 the British Medical Journal published the findings of Doctor Sanath Hettige MBBS, DFM, MCGP, MD, revealing his findings to the world in 2008, followed up with a reminder in the 2011 BMJ edition. In the foot-dragging from 2008 – 2013 how many millions have suffered, and how many have died, and most immoral how many innocent children have died. The reason being, at the doorsteps of modern medicine I lay this killing statement; “There is no cure for dengue fever’.

As the author of

  • I challenge all who have ignorantly held to the well orchestrated no cure doctrine to now read, educate yourselves and retract your statements made in ignorance.
  • I challenge all world-famous practitioners and world acclaimed bodies as the WHO & CDC to update all their online data to reflect the findings of The King Institute Of Preventive Medicine And Research and the findings published in the BMJ as well as other noted professional health-care journals and newsletters.

Being I have extensively posted since 2012 November, much of what I have learned since, I encourage all to read my blog.

  • The world needs to mourn until senseless child deaths cease!
  • Everyone who reads this should insist their local community newspapers print this posting– or better investigate and print a response or rebuttal!
  • Let the world dialogue begin today. Tomorrow, even one hour is too late to save a life!


Advocating the findings of Doctor Sanath Hettige

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