Re:Papaya leaves for speedy rise of platelet count in Dengue | BMJ

Re:Papaya leaves for speedy rise of platelet count in Dengue | BMJ.

This is the second of two articles submitted by Dr. Sanath Hettige to the BMJ in regards to his findings of the extraordinary abilities of hand pressed oil from the leaves of the Carica papaya tree.

My continuous reading and online searches, are establishing the fact that this is indeed a cure for dignify fever.  If we embrace this information, pass it on to all contacts and means we have to take this to every person on this planet– indeed, we will save many lives in 2013.

While we await the contemporary response and effects of vaccines and genetically modified mosquitoes, we must save lives today, unite, plan together, an effective way to bury mosquitoes, diseased or not.  My goal, hopefully soon to be our goal for 2013 will be to Bury Dengue Fever & Not Our Innocent Children….


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