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  • Where is there a safe place against dengue– or mosquito bites, almost no place at all.  I remember the “Avon calling” commercial, to me, it was more like Avon screaming.  In my opinion, their products were to loud.  Why do I mention this here?  People like to smell ‘good’ (perfumes).  Ok.  Is smelling good more important than repelling mosquitoes.  Ok!  To the point.  It is better for those of us, around this globe where mosquitoes are a threat to our health, to use some type of repellant on exposed skin areas.  At least Avon has ‘Skin So Soft’ know to repel mosquitoes.  Not being a fan of Skin So Soft, on my blog you will read my DIY mosquito repellant efforts.  The scent of most applied lotions are not long-lasting if they are not of a commercial source, like products that contain toxic Deet.  When you have a special occasion, you may be of the mind to use longer, lasting, fragrant ‘topical and I understand.  But at other times consider, even if you devise your own DIY as I have, accepting some kind of topical repellant that satisfies and meet your own acceptance.  Don’t worry– most are not detectable to others in just a short time after application. Hope this has been helpful in some way…. Enjoy the holiday… /nm

Advocating the findings of Doctor Sanath Hettige

About PLXC-CTC Dengue Remedies

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