Scientist Confirm Dengue Cure – Children Still Suffering And Dying

 Taking into account that papaya, a very low costing cure agent, has been a known and published cure since 2008, released in a article submitted by Doctor Sanath Hettige, to the British Medical Journal;

Why are innocent children still suffering and dying from this horrific disease?

Children are the innocent victims of mosquito borne diseases.
Children are the innocent victims of mosquito borne diseases.

      Children do not pick their parents, their social or economic status at birth, nor make life and death decisions as newborns, up to the age of personal accountability. So! Who makes the decisions to protect them from dangers over which they have no control– in this case dengue fever and other diseases carried by killer mosquitoes? We do!

2013 will be here in a little over two days from the posting of this page:

   Will things be different with the beginning of the New Year for our children?


Who will step up to the plate and say; “Scientist have endorsed a low-cost cure for dengue fever and we will not tolerate the needless suffering of any, any child– born to poor or rich parents?

Who will insist, regardless of where a child falls innocent victim to a mosquito borne disease, that child will not have to endure weeks of suffering and possible death?

Since 2008, where have we seen health-care industry complex or local and national will, to use the simplest of remedies– especially for the sake of children, poor children in this world.

Mosquitoes do not suck the blood of animals or humans based on color, class, race, or religion (CCRR).

Infant, child, adult, senior, male or female, we are all exposed to this deadly pest.

2013, let this be the year we Bury Dengue Fever & Not Our Children!

For one year, this blog will be dedicated to advocating a remarkable reduction in the suffering and dying of children afflicted with diseases transmitted by mosquitoes.

Expanding The Vision Of This Blog

(cure & control are vital partnering!)

Now that a simple cure has been confirmed by scientist, we need to think about control, repelling, and killing mosquitoes within our living, social, schooling, entertainment, dining out areas, and other out-of-doors activities.

I will be adding suggestive actions we can take to control, repel, and kill mosquitoes in a non-toxic, human and environmentally friendly manner.

Here is a major hint, and I ask your help on this. Countries that have a garlic industry, they and you should be aware of encouraging them to Research, Develop, Manufacture, And Distribute garlic based solutions to mosquito control.

Several years ago I made an attempt to interest the Mosquito Barrier company to consider exporting or partnering with countries where their product would save many lives. They would not communicate with me, or entertain my suggestions because I was not an owner of a company in their field of interests.

If importing such a vital product is not desirable to any country that has a garlic industry– it is time that we begin to think! Use the universities and internal brain power to R&D M&D a garlic based product internally.

My word of remembrance– many thought little of papaya juice as being scientifically proven, but it is now a fact.

Nature has what we need. Think– almost medications and pest control products are derived from tree, plant, animal sources, or are created synthetically in a lab.

I’ve expanded the challenge. I hope you and others will follow and join the goals of this blog.

Stretch your minds

Encourage your hearts

Love your neighbor as you love yourself

Read this blog and in

2013 Bury Dengue Fever & Not Our Children

(the world has the means – we must encourage the will)

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Advocating the findings of Doctor Sanath Hettige

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