Dengue Fever India Has The Cure – Stop DF Killing Young Children

India Has The Dengue Fever Cure:

All Citizens of India stand a good chance of knowing there is a low-costing cure for dengue fever, oil pressed from the leaves of the papaya trees and neem oils. From reading up-to-date newspaper articles published in India– the word is out. Hospitals, clinics, and make-shift treating stations, are being overwhelmed. India is in the epidemic dengue fever phase. Take time to read it for yourself.

Doctor Sanath Hettige twice published his findings of a cure for dengue fever in the British Medical Journal in 2008 and 2011.

It is recommended that the most potent oil is extracted from the Carcia (Red Lady) Papaya Tree.


  1. Has any mass communication news media broadcast this vital news in your area?

Did you know, if you live in a European Country, New York City, Florida, Kansas City, anywhere you have mosquitoes, even if mosquitoes are seasonal in your area– there is a chance mosquitoes carrying threatening life and health diseases, may or have already migrated to your area?


  1. Have you read the WHO & CDC reports to keep up with the migration of mosquitoes that now threaten 2/3 of the world’s population?

In my readings, which I do everyday, I’ve developed a sense, there is a foot-dragging response to the papaya/neem cocktail that cures dengue fever because giant drug companies have not found the means to isolate the healing properties of any source to patent. Once a cure is patented, the drug, pill, powder, or vaccines will become too expensive for the poor of this world.


  1. If fruit beverage companies produced a drink suggesting it helps to prevent or cure dengue fever, as I’ve seen suggested in my online readings, would you be interested in the product?
  2. If you already know this information or learning of it for the first time, here on this blog– will you share this information with others?
  3. Since papaya and neem juices and oils are able to prevent dengue viruses from entering or escaping body cells, do you understand it has never been true– that there is not treatment for virus borne diseases?

In concluding this short posting, most important, it is vital to my bucket wish list dreams that for;


We Bury Dengue Fever & Not Our Children!

Children are not aware of what dangers lurk in shadey places.
Mosquitoes seek cover in the shade. These children are sharing a treat in the shade.

For adults, and anyone reading this blog, the cure for dengue fever is known. Adults, including myself, not having medical insurance, or just don ‘t have the money to go to the doctor as soon as we have not to severe symptoms, we get treatment only after our comfort level tells us it is past-time to make the sacrifice– then we seek medical help. While I have your attention, please, please pass this information on to others, even if you feel they have no need for it. Then ask them to pass it on, and, and on. Everybody regardless of where they live, deserves to know there is a proven, low-costing cure, for dengue fever, no hospitalization required in its early stages.

Reduce suffering & children's mortality rates!
Reduce suffering & children’s mortality rates!

For innocent childrenthere is no reason why we, working together as a united online community, and informing next door neighbors, stop the dying of innocent children. Adults! …we put off going to the doctors. When we put off taking our children to the doctor, the children suffer.  There’s no justifiable reason for this, many die. It is on the behalf children, this blog exists. 2013 we must bury the dengue fever plague and not our children. There is a known affordable treatment for all– if you seek help early!

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Over this holiday season, the readership is still increasing. Readers are from India, Philippines, Asia, Europe, America, and the West Indies USA. This blog must become global reading until the global mass media develops a sense of social consciousness and begins a sustained campaign of, days, weeks, or at least a month, to make this information as popular as the name Obama.

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Advocating the findings of Doctor Sanath Hettige

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