Philippine medicinal plants: let’s fight dengue

Philippine Medicinal Plants: Let’s fight Dengue.

This is an updated 23 August 2011 article, again upholding a leaf and fruit based cures for dengue fever.  Cure is the word– cure!

What will it take to turn the mass media around and have this to be as well known as the name Obama!  All the foot-dragging, I am almost certain, is due to the fact patent medicines and vaccines have not been approved as a cure– not treatment.

I posted another news article which states the vaccines now formulated by labs are disappointing.  How many, children especially, will die before the truth be known by all.  There are known cures, fast acting, 24/hr noticeable increase in speedy rise of platelets.

The information is out there– so is the potential of attempting to silence the natural cure from getting out.  I was accused of spamming an article of a paid educated professional writer.  This is not true in any context.  I always post sources and give credits. Besides, all this is public information to save people’s lives.  Stop the games and the myths that there are no existing cures for the four types of DF.

When lives are at stake– who should wait and even die, when all you have to do is take a leaf off the tree, prepare it properly, drink without adding water, sugar, or salt. I read one article suggesting adding lemon juice and maybe some kind of sweetener.  Ridiculous!  Don’t change natures gift.  Give credit where credit is due.

We owe a heap of credit to Doctor Sanath Hettige who published his findings in the British Medical Journal twice, 2008 & 2011.  Read my blog.

note: I am a retired professional woodworker by trade, cabinetmaking, finish and rough carpentry skilled, most of all advocate for community uplift– especially the poor!  No information I post should be taken for medical advice.  Seek help from professionals who do not have their heads buried in the sand– Peace!


Advocating the findings of Doctor Sanath Hettige

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