Doc: Papaya leaves can cure dengue – Nation | The Star Online

Doc: Papaya leaves can cure dengue – Nation | The Star Online *”Dr Kathiresan was assisted in the study by Dr Surash Rama­nathan, Dr Sharif M. Mansor and Dr Mas Rosemal M.H. Haris of Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, and Walther H. Wernsdorfer of Medical University of Vienna, Austria. — Bernama”  *(closing paragraph of this ‘Press It’ news article)

This newspaper article was published 31 August 2011 in Malaysia.  Going on four years now, and evidence is beginning to develop, a known cure for dengue fever has been in the news media and published somewhere in this world.

If anyone doubts the existence of a known cure, which was even told to me when Alicia’s son experienced dengue fever, they are either, uninformed, willfully ignorant, or the worse, arrogantly pretending to be ignorant of facts that have been known and published for years.

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