*”7 Natural remedies for dengue fever”

Planting of camote (sweet potatoes) in our veggie garden. Boiling leaves a a tea raises platelet levels too.

Discover known cures for dengue fever *http://nutritionsolutionlifestyle.com/2012/07/dengueremedies/ “It is not true when doctors tell you there is no known cure for dengue fever. The papaya leaf extract (PLX) cure is well published on the internet. Discover the truth for yourself, then tell your family and neighbors- “There is a natural speedy simple cure for dengue fever”.

This is the good news we need to share with everybody within our sphere of influence. The information following this sentence is just a small section of an article in Nutrition Solution LifestyleTMsame link as above:

1.   RAW PAPAYA LEAVES – It is a natural cure for dengue fever. The juice of Papaya leaf is a sure cure for platelet deficiency. Dr. Sanath Hettige, who conducted the research on 70 dengue fever patients, said papaya leaf juice helps increase white blood cells and platelets, normalizes clotting, and repairs the liver. There is a condition to this remedy, however. According to Hettige, the papaya leaf juice will not be as effective during the final stages of dengue fever since, by then, the patient’s organs are already badly affected by the disease.

– You need 2 pcs. of raw papaya leaves
– Wash thoroughly, pound and squeeze with filter cloth.
– Drink 1 tablespoon per leaf. Therefore, 2 tablespoons per serving, once a day.
– Do not boil or cook or rinse with hot water, it will loosen its strength.

Children are the innocent victims of disease carrying mosquitoes.
Children are the innocent victims of disease carrying mosquitoes.

We need to bring this information to the attention of our personal family doctors, clinics, hospitals, pharmacist, and any other health-care professionals you converse with. If you know how to get the attention of the WHO & CDC, I implore you– in the interest of sparing innocent children the horrific suffering and even death– we need to get busy and do our part now.

It is my plan to create a petition to WHO, CDC, UN, and the world news networks, to help tell the world there is a simple, cheap (low-cost) remedy to cure dengue fever. I’m open to asking you, if you have talent to put together a petition we could run for the next six months, that would be great. The idea would be to raise 1,000 or more signatures protesting against the myth of the no cure misinformation. In the same petition we would advocate 2013 Bury Dengue & Not Our Children.

According to the WHO & CDC the areas presently free of dengue fever may also be invaded by the menace sooner than later.

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Advocating the findings of Doctor Sanath Hettige

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