PLXC dengue cure- God’s natural gift to heal human suffering

1. Are we finally putting the pieces of the puzzles together to understand, in nature we can find profound healing for dengue fever?

2. In spite of noted doctors proclaiming at every opportunity, before the media, online, and to patients stricken with a potentially deadly dengue fever disease; “There is no known prevention or cure for dengue”; how long will the world population be guided by such false information?

3. How many more innocent children will have to die before health-care institutions recognize there is a simple, cheap (low-costing) natural

Children are not aware of what dangers lurk in shadey places.
Mosquitoes seek cover in the shade. These children are sharing a treat in the shade.

alternative cure for dengue fever, capable of ending the extensive suffering and needless deaths?

 4. Who will challenge the findings of this noted vaccine and viral disease research institution who have been serving the public interest since 1899?

 5. Where is the challenge to the publishing of Doctor Sanath Hettige, in regards to his 2008 findings in the British Medical Journal and a follow-up reminder published in 2011?

 6. Who will challenge licensed and credited alternative health-care providers who serve the public interest in truth and honorable professionalism to do no harm in healing the ills we all face? (I found no rebuttals to information I’ve posted thus far. If you know of opposing expressed information would you please bring it to our attention. We’d like to expand the conversation and be open to discussing all viewpoints in good manner.)

7. When will the contemporary professionals cease their very visible disdain for alternative care because it is beneath their perceptions of what is dignified in modern medicine practices, including their allied political and giant industrial pharmaceutical complex pursuit of patented medicines as only creditable for the public to be informed or even given deadly misinformation?

 8. Have we had enough of the sick and dying children to demand a change in media and the total contemporary health-care for profit institutions to demand they tell the truth and stop their; “There is no known cure or preventive measures to be taken in regards to dengue fever”; misinformation either out of their own ignorance of truth or faked arrogant ignorance of known existing facts to the contrary?

 9. Have you had, known anyone who suffered from a mosquito borne disease, or has a mosquito born disease been discovered in your community?

Families need to know the truth now!
Families need to know the truth now!

 10. This is a call to action by the online community: “Will you help us today to measure the progress we are making in getting this message to the world by showing your ‘like’, asking questions, commenting, or contributing articles for consideration to this blog? 

Advocating the findings of Doctor Sanath Hettige

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