Louis Armstrong tells truth – Dengue death merchants; tell the truth!

And the serpent said unto the woman, “Ye shall not surely die”!

Man, woman, and all there children still suffer from the greatest lie ever told on earth.

A remedy for the greatest lie ever told on earth; “Father, if Thou be willing, remove this cup from Me: nevertheless, not My will, but Thine, be done”.

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And the outstanding nobles of contemporary medicine say unto us this day, “There is no known cure for dengue fever”!

Truth like beauty can be concealed, like weeds that choke the roses.
Truth like beauty can be concealed, like weeds that choke the roses.

A remedy for this great lie of our age; “Scientists dropped the four strains of the dengue virus on the cell lines (drawn from the gut cells of dengue causing albopictus mosquito) and added the herbal preparation. Normally, the virus would have entered the cells. “After two days, we found the cell-lines were unaffected. The virus was neutralized by the herbal formulation. Further tests showed it blocked the virus from entering the cell. In cells where the virus had already entered, it prevented multiplication,” said King Institute director Dr P Gunasekaran”. (source: The Times Of India)

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Blog Author’s Abbreviated Summary:

If someone as world-famous cyclist Louis Armstrong, can face the world, and tell the truth– why can’t the rich, famous, and supposedly guardians of the public health, bar none, step forward and speak the truth; There are known cures for dengue fever!

The results of the great contemporary modern medicine no cure for dengue lie:

  • Medical professionals have been trained and educated to parrot, hand-me-down, for over the past seventy-years, lie, after lies– about there not being a cure for dengue fever.
  • Wilful, contemporary medical professionals and their allied manufacturing industrial complex, along with supportive political leaders, who refuse to accept truth once it is presented for all to see– join in with pack of liars who are merchants of death.
  • King Institute For Preventive Medicine has validated, in the public’s interest and well-being for this modern age, a truth known for ages in the Asian world of natural healing.
  • I call upon all creditable health-care practitioners to step forward– speak the truth, and sit us free from the merchants of death, putting an end the horrific sufferings and deaths of innocent children– today!

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We must win back the right to protect life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all children!
We must win back the right to protect life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all children!

Author’s Conclusion:

One more child death today– rewards the merchants of death, and continues to line their pockets with gold, silver, diamonds, mansions, corporate jets, and all such ill-gained wealth on the tombs of our children.

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