2008 British Medical Journal cheap dengue cure published – 2013 dengue suffering and deaths increasing globally!

Weeds grow over the sensesless premature graves of young children. 2013 Bury dengue not our children.
Weeds grow over the senseless premature graves of young children. 2013 Bury dengue not our children.

  The British Medical Journal, in 2008 & 2011, published the findings of Doctor Sanath Hettige, revealing what is now known as the papaya leaf extract cure (PLXC).

  Case 1. If we, as lay people understand treatment to mean addressing the easing of symptoms, making a patient more comfortable until the body fights off an illness, viral or otherwise, with the help of approved world standardized modern medical practice— then we can understand why horrific suffering and death will continue to be the results of patients attacked by the four types of dengue fever.

Case 2. If we, as lay people understand natural cure to mean freeing the body of all symptoms, reverting back or surpassing the former state of well-being, before the occurrence of illness, viral or otherwise, with the help of approved world standardized natural alternative practice– then we can understand why the PLXC is a more humane choice of treatment.

Case 3. If renowned medical professionals (see two attached paragraphs below) around the world continue to be uninformed, ignore, hold in arrogant disdain or contempt, the existence of a anti-viral natural PLXC– what hope do we have to stop someone from dying today, tomorrow, or the third day?

When asked why the government had not recognized the papaya leaf supportive medication method discovered by consultant family physician Dr. Sanath Hettige, health Ministry sources said the government had taken note of the method. It lacks practicality as it involves crushing leaves and straining – a methodology inclined towards indigenous medicine.” (source: The Island)


What is the treatment for dengue fever?

Because dengue fever is caused by a virus, there is no specific medicine or antibiotic to treat it. For typical dengue, the treatment is purely concerned with relief of the symptoms. Rest and fluid intake for adequate hydration is important. Aspirin and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs should only be taken under a doctor’s supervision because of the possibility of worsening bleeding complications. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) and codeine may be given for severe headache and for joint and muscle pain (myalgia). (source: MedicineNet.com)


Case 4. If the World Health Organization continues to state (see paragraph below); “There is no specific treatment for dengue/ severe dengue”, are we to assume, at the least, they too are misinformed, or uninformed of facts published back in 2008 & 2011 in the British Medical Journal and other prestigious professional health-care newsletters and publications?

Key facts

    • Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral infection.
    • The infection causes flu-like illness, and occasionally develops into a potentially lethal complication called severe dengue.
    • The global incidence of dengue has grown dramatically in recent decades.
    • About half of the world’s population is now at risk.
    • Dengue is found in tropical and sub-tropical climates worldwide, mostly in urban and semi-urban areas.
    • Severe dengue is a leading cause of serious illness and death among children in some Asian and Latin American countries.
    • There is no specific treatment for dengue/ severe dengue, but early detection and access to proper medical care lowers fatality rates below 1%.
    • Dengue prevention and control solely depends on effective vector control measures.” (source: WHO)


Case 5. If world-famous health-care medical professionals, and world bodies like the WHO, in ignorance of truth, or worse– if willfully turning a

Children are the innocent victims of mosquito borne diseases.
Children are the innocent victims of mosquito borne diseases.

blind-side to published cures in outstanding medical journals and newsletters, and finally scientific endorsement of the neem-papaya leaf extract cure (NPLXC) by The King Institute Of Preventive Medicine And Research, what hope will we have of stopping a death today or in the next 48/hrs?.

Case 6. When will the disdain for natural alternative medicine be lifted?

  • When will modern practitioners, too many servants and servile to the patent drug, and allied manufacturing supportive industries, cease making false statements in regards to known cures for dengue fever?
  • When will the poor and working poor be extended a ‘helping guiding hand’ in a cure they can even do in their own homes and local communities?  This is a great and noble call to volunteers of all ages to step up to the plate of; ‘Loving thy neighbor as you love yourselves’.
  • When will either the NPLXC or PLXC dengue cure, both so simple, so speedy, become common practice as oxygen respiratory treatments give in hospitals, local clinics, and even administered in the home by relatives or other trained individuals?
  • When will we realize, due to the foot-dragging of the world modern medical community– this has the beginnings of an indigenous effective response to the neglect shown to the worlds poor?
My wife's teen son is a survivor of dengue fever-- we knew about camote tea!
My wife’s teen son is a survivor of dengue fever– we knew about camote tea!
  • When will we lift the burden on the poor who do not seek medical care until they can no longer suffer at home in silence.  Millions of people are economically distanced from the highly motivated, for excessive profit-making business bottom-lines, from treatments as they are now priced to what the upper classes and the insured can bear?  People die and someone fills their pockets with excessive gold and diamonds on others graves.

Case 7. Due to the lack of global attention given these matters, I will rest my case here. Until we “Wake up everybody” and I mean everybody– we are left to mourn a child’s death today, tomorrow, and on the third day too!

I told a close friend, I would not release the next tribute t to parents who have lost children to dengue fever before February 1. Sometimes we must break such promises because time and seasons change by the second. So, I early release this message in song to parents who know the meaning of a comfortless and neglectful world (modern medicine): Stand By Me!

I thank God every day for this challenge– it has brought great meaning and purpose to my retirement years, finally. We must live beyond ourselves!

Advocating the findings of Doctor Sanath Hettige

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