Cheap dengue fever cure scientifically endorsed – Is it to low-costing for modern medicine practitioners and institutions to embrace?

Weeds grow over the sensesless premature graves of young children. 2013 Bury dengue not our children.
Weeds grow over the sensesless premature graves of young children. 2013 Bury dengue not our children.

Who will hold modern medicine practitioners accountable, for the next child’s needless suffering and death due to dengue fever– in the face of newly released scientific endorsement– there is a simple, speedy acting neem-papaya leaf extract cure (NPLXC) for the four types of dengue fever.

Modern, thought to be, renowned practitioners need to educate their ignorance or abject arrogant stance that there is no cure for dengue fever.

The King Institute For Preventive Medicine And Research, just recently scientifically endorsed a well-known cheap (low-costing) neem-papaya leaf extract cure (NPLXC), published in The Times Of India– and children are still dying of dengue fever.

  • Who will now hold modern medicine and their complex of giant pharmaceutical teachers, along with their allied political servants accountable for the next needless child death– today!
  • Every denial of the existence of known cures for dengue fever, now published on the internet, claiming there is no cure for dengue fever– needs to be updated, or else retracted and labeled as abusive to the health and wellbeing of the world’s citizens.

Scientists dropped the four strains of the dengue virus on the cell lines (drawn from the gut cells of dengue causing albopictus mosquito) and added the herbal preparation. Normally, the virus would have entered the cells. “After two days, we found the cell-lines were unaffected. The virus was neutralized by the herbal formulation. Further tests showed it blocked the virus from entering the cell. In cells where the virus had already entered, it prevented multiplication, said King Institute director Dr P Gunasekaran”. (source: The Times Of India)

Now having bonafied verification of a long known existing natural alternative cure, any uniformed health practitioner, either in ignorance, and some willfully so– no longer serves the public interest.

2008 & 2011 the British Medical Journal published the findings of Doctor Sanath Hettige MBBS, DFM, MCGP, MD, revealing his findings to the world in 2008, followed up with a reminder in the 2011 BMJ edition. In the foot-dragging from 2008 – 2013 how many millions have suffered, and how many have died, and most immoral how many innocent children have died. The reason being, at the doorsteps of modern medicine I lay this killing statement; “There is no cure for dengue fever’.

My wife's teen son is a survivor of dengue fever-- we knew about camote tea!
My wife’s teen son is a survivor of dengue fever– we knew about camote tea!

As the author of

  • I challenge all who have ignorantly held to the well orchestrated no cure doctrine to now read, educate yourselves and retract your statements made in ignorance.
  • I challenge all world-famous practitioners and world acclaimed bodies as the WHO & CDC to update all their online data to reflect the findings of The King Institute Of Preventive Medicine And Research and the findings published in the BMJ as well as other noted professional health-care journals and newsletters.

Being I have extensively posted since 2012 November, much of what I have learned since, I encourage all to read my blog.

  • The world needs to mourn until senseless child deaths cease!
  • Everyone who reads this should insist their local community newspapers print this posting– or better, investigate and print a response or rebuttal!
  • Let the world dialogue begin today. Tomorrow, even one hour is too late to save a life!

Advocating the findings of Doctor Sanath Hettige

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