Home cure for dengue death sting – The Times of India

Home cure for dengue death sting – The Times of India.

This article was published 12 September 2012 in the Times Of India.  I have been commenting and writing to the TOI.  If it is now being recognized that NPLXC & PLXC are safe enough to be done at home- I raise the question at TOI, why are children still dying of this disease in Asia?

Perhaps when I think about it, even friends of mine don’t take this seriously.  They immediately make discouraging comments, and in face of the fact some of our friends have had encounters with DF.  My wife’s son had DF.  How foolish is the human heart and mind.

My blog exists for the purpose of saving innocent children’s lives.  Children who for some reason were denied the right to grow up like some of us- foolish, wise, or otherwise. I am suggesting maybe the Red Cross or Red Crescent need to sit up emergency outposts and educate especially the poor, since we who think are wiser and smarter can go our foolish way until we have an encounter with the wrong mosquito.  I have killed the carrier species in my own house– how much closer can you get to knowing the next bite may put you in the path of knowing a cure that begins to work in 24/hrs……

Advocating the findings of Doctor Sanath Hettige

About PLXC-CTC Dengue Remedies

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