Stop bites, stops disease, stops suffering, stops death – repell mosquitoes

Unless we get busy with  an ounce or less of prevention, to discourage mosquito bites, we may pay pounds, dollars, pesos, etc., seeking tons of cure. In this category of my blog, I will share with you my do-it-yourself approach of blending local store-bought products for a do-it-yourself body mosquito repellent.


Kept two extra days in the hospital, total of five day until we paid the bill in full.
Kept two extra days in the hospital, total of five day until we paid the bill in full.

  We paid in pesos for my wife’s son when he contacted dengue fever for a five-day hospital stay. At our insistence, the doctor allowed Kim to drink camote tea. In three days he was ready for discharge, but the hospital would not discharge him for another two days until we were able to pay the total bill. Being held ransom, at hospitals for the full exchange of money too, is nothing new. In the five years, it has happened to us twice.

  Facing the reality of where we live, in the tropics where mosquitoes are forever, or those who live in temperate zones where mosquitoes are seasonal, our first and foremost defence is to protect exposed skin areas of our bodies with a mosquito repellent, indoors and outdoors. In truth, we need to teach our children to do the same because they are exposed for hours at school to mosquitoes and most schools do not have door or window screens.

  This is not about smelling alluring to a spouse, date, or to impress a new acquaintance. It’s about keeping mosquitoes from landing on exposed skin areas not covered by clothing. Of course we need to keep in mind, loose woven or threaded fabrics do not provide good protection from mosquito bites. During the day I usually wear a short sleeve shirt with an athletic type undershirt which seems to work well.

It's not about preparing for an evening out with others.
It’s not about preparing for an evening out with others.

Rubbing a thin-film of repellent over my shaved head and carefully around the eyebrow and nose areas of my face keeps me from experiencing bites in these sensitive areas. It is vital to be sure not to get the oil in your eyes, it stings.

From the neck down, I increase the film of repellent as I cover my neck, shoulder blades and upper arms. Now I’m ready to put on my short sleeve shirt. This is when I again increase the film of my home DIY oil rubbing my arms, again under the sleeves.

If I’m wearing shorts, I apply a nice amount of film to my legs and feet. Mosquito bites on the feet cause so great an itching as when bitten on the fingers. Nature knew best where to place ultra sensor nerve endings to alert us of injury and it certainly can interrupt whatever I’m doing including sleep towards the early morning hours. Yes! Before going to bed, I apply the preventive oil again to areas likely to be exposed during the night, and I don’t get bitten.

Do I ever get bitten, of course, nothing is 99/44/100% pure of for certain as the Ivory Soap commercial use to remind me in those days– but I have days, sometimes stretching to weeks when there are no bites to apply Vicks Vapo-Rub to.

This is the front-line personal activity that will provide hours of protection, even when the scent begins to wane from our limited sense of smell when compared to mosquitoes.

Prime mosquito time if there is no breeze.
Prime mosquito time if there is no breeze.

  I read somewhere, mosquitoes can smell blood forty-miles away. When I read that passage again, this sentence will be updated with a direct quote from the source.

  If you are like me, anything that I use in the form of medications and remedies, must not have a long list of avoidable toxic ingredients, period. Again– not all labels reveal total truths. For me, this rules out many of the leading brand products which contain some percentage of deet. Deet made its fame during the period of WWII and has captured the attention of avid users because it can provide protection up to eight hours, making it an almost irresistible choice. My DIY home ever evolving formulated preventive oils requires being applied at three-hour intervals for maximum effectiveness. Sometimes I stretch this and may pay the price of one mosquito bite, perhaps where the oil has passed it peak.

  In the next DIY posting I will get down to more details, and there are many, when it comes to finding and deciding how we can settle on a remedy we will be willing to stick to when we are not trying to be alluring to persons of special interest to us. This does not suggest we should be offensive to their sensitivity of smell, as the scent of many repellents is short live to the human ability of smell.

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