Leading casuse of dengue deaths – doctor’s ignorance!

Dengue death has finally crashed through my comfort zone. This time there was no recovery of a son. The family is preparing to bury their son.

Doctors ignorance is the leading cause of deaths attributable to dengue fever! How long medical professionals will continue to wallow in their ignorance, depends upon when the public finally wakes up and realize a cure has been known for years but suppressed.

If and when there is a patented drug, procedure, or vaccine– everybody in the world will know.  Dollars will flow into the hands of the greed manipulated health-care system as it exist for profit today.  Pharmacopeia has been working on this for 75 years.

Words alone will gain and solve nothing, until the death, someone’s death,  that breaks the heart of and entire nation, or shakes the whole world– maybe then we will have our fill of thousands of needless deaths.

I am so thankful for camote, neem, papaya– trees, leaves, branches and roots. If only selfish minds would tell the truth.

Challenges to this posting, and support too, are begged for and welcomed?

Advocating the findings of Doctor Sanath Hettige

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