Help! Open letter to the online world community!

Open Letter To The Online World Community


author: …/Nicasio Martinez

29 January 2013 00.31 Tuesday

For your understanding,

Shortly before returning to wordpress and tweeter, creating, the passion I’ve shared with the online community and the world has intensified– true.

In the early evening of 28 January a tweeter friend commented to me, her friend’s son, two years of age, recently died of dengue fever complications. Young children have no idea why they are suffering, they are innocent and not deserving of the pain and physical agony of such a relentless disease or any of the diseases inflicted on all regardless of age, class, color, race, religion and of course land of our birth.

It is my constant fear, to many feel calamity will always be striking the other person, be they family, friends, or neighbors next door. When it comes to dengue fever, it struck my wife’s teen son, details are in my blog, personal close friends and neighbors– it’s happening all around me.

Some think living in a home with A/C is protection.  I’ve been bitten in A/C homes. Clapped my hands together to kill mosquitoes in a doctor’s A/C SUV. The same for buses, taxis, restaurants and the like.

Until the world decides to better control the mosquito population, we need to deal with the cure of this dreaded disease. If anyone reading this letter still believe there is no fast acting natural cure for dengue fever– you just found out, choose to ‘believe it or not’.  There are well published findings of cures and recently scientifically endorsed.  It’s all in my blog.

Yes! I am expressing in an angry mode as I continue to blog.  This I will relent with the release this appeal for help.

Just a few minutes ago I heard a brief spell of rain. My young dog insists and begs to sleep at least at the foot of the bed because my wife spoiled him. The two-year old that died just a few weeks ago, and two other siblings in the same city followed in death– they were denied hearing rain no matter how brief, or having to yield to a pitiful dog’s face who wants to at least be granted a space at the foot of the bed.

In short, I appeal to the online community, in what ever capacity you have, to help stop the deaths of children, they are innocent. Why ask them to pay with their lives. The cure is cheap (low-cost). What is so demeaning to medical professionals when they will not be the ones picking leaves off a papaya tree any ways.

I know I can end here because I know you got my point. But please help with what I can no longer in good conscience call misinformation. To say; “There is no cure for dengue fever”, is a known vicious lie to many with self-serving interests.

Help get the truth out, even worldwide, and stop the dying of children today. The price is cheap. We won’t pay with our lives– and the need for blood transfusions will cease when known alternative remedies are acted on in a timely fashion.

Please help save lives– 2013 Bury dengue & not our children!

Advocating the findings of Doctor Sanath Hettige

About PLXC-CTC Dengue Remedies

Let the sunshine in,/Nicasio Martineznm

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