“A friend whose child died of dengue fever” – endless preventalbe deaths!

‘Death due to dengue fever complications’.  Child, after child, after child, endless deaths! When will parents, guardians, and family members be spared those dream shattering– heart crushing words?

Don’t anyone in the medical profession get overwhelmed having to write such words on death certificates, after death certificates?

  • Is modern medicine cooperating with a reduction in population to head off a food crisis?
  • Where is the world’s moral consciousness out cry?
  •  Does it even exist anymore?
  • Who do we hold accountable for this immoral loss and needless loss of young children’s lives?

It was my intent to write our personal, upfront, real encounter with dengue fever, but it will have to wait. Something more urgent and pressing came up to share.

A simple conversation, with a local town official made this posting a priority.  While waiting for my wife to bring out our take home order, an intended friendly chat, with a local town official, turned into another justification for the call to action:

“I have a friend whose child died of dengue fever”.

I went into angry, but responsive verbal shock mode.

This has to stop! When will renowned, world recognized, highly honored medical professionals stop preaching a vicious lie they’ve learned to parrot, and sadly for some– believe!

Don’t they read the British Medical Journal.

Don’t they read professional journals of research institutions of other nations, some of which have famed international standing?

Who will we hold accountable for the next child’s death, which likely will happen long before you had a chance to read this sentence?

When I calmed down, I gave the official my blog and email address. I was given a promise they would read my blog. I told them to see if I could meet with the family who lost their child.

How many thousands of us know of children dying of dengue fever?  It’s time surviving parents, family members, friends and neighbors to tell their unfiltered media experiences, in their own words.

How many more thousands of children will have to die before modern medicine reveals the world– “There are several known natural cures for dengue fever”?

Where are the challengers to this blog posting?

Maybe, medical professionals, if they do not read leading medical research journals– they certainly would not take or make time to read my blog!

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'Young papaya leaves taken from the plant before it becomes a tree, have a significantly  higher amount of alkaloids.

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