Support group for parents and family members who experienced close encounters with dengue fever


It is not a hushed up secret that dengue fever is all to often deemed to be associated with the poor. Why is that?

Filtering through all forms of news releases, it is not difficult to find a comment that would verify the statement in the above sentence. I will assume it unnecessary to justify that remark with a link.

Let’s get back to the question; “Why is that”? All the videos online showing patients being treated, it is easy to notice, the place of recording is not your first class hospital or treatment center. Again; “Why is that”?

A good friend of mine, with far more financial resources than my own, when it was diagnosed he had dengue fever, he immediately left our rural area in the province and headed for Cebu City. He was admitted in one of the top hospitals that attracts a large foreign clientèle. Need I say more.

The crew that shot those videos, perhaps would never envision going to a top scale hospital to film treatment given to affluent patients. That would not be dramatic enough. What I am expressing in words should not be taken as condemning whoever is associated with how dengue winds up in public view. In fact it may justify forming grassroots responses to making sure the best and most efficient treatment is administered to all regardless of color, class, race, religion (CCRR) and of course nation of birth.

Call to action:

Dedicated readers of this blog, more often than not, have read time and again– there is a fast acting, cheap (low-cost) remedy to cure, not just treat symptoms, of dengue fever. If this is your first visit, please take time to read my blog as this is not the page to review all that has been written over the past several months.

Now is the time to call for action. Not by hitting the streets. Not with loud protests that set officials and political entities on edge; it is time, we, me being one of them, give support to one another, online as this is where we have met. When we do this in an effective way, the time will come, in our local communities, meeting with others who have had and are having close encounters with dengue fever– in our neighborhoods, we will have a voice in the remedies administered to our love ones.

You, we, know the cures:

If I had a photographic memory, to have the ability to recall most of what I read and heard, I would have an endless about of stories to tell of how many times someone told me what they know about cures for dengue fever.

The rich and powerfully connected have close encounters too- but in style!

Remember what I said earlier, you will not see a video crew walking through a upscale hospital to view their treatment of dengue fever patients. Many of us have been turned away or directed to city hospitals based on our inability to even pay entrance fees to get past the emergency room.

On rare occasions you will read of a notable adult, or child, coming down with dengue fever. A former Miss America as noted in one of my postings came down with dengue fever.

Bottom line – we are all in this together:

We all live on the same globe called Earth. No one should feel excluded. As the author of this blog, it is not about pictures and links in posting, it’s about truth and moving on to a call to action, regardless of CCRR or place of birth.

India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines to name a few Asian nations are making great strides in exposing that natural cures are being scientifically recognized– but people are still dying horrific deaths– why? A two-year old, and two siblings from another family, followed in death in January in the same city– why? This was shared with me by a fellow tweeter, a friend of the family of the two-year old.

I will leave it up to you to respond to the whys.

Support group for parents and family members who experienced close encounters with dengue fever:

My grandmother never finished elementary school, but I still hear her words; “If you want something done right– do-it-yourself!

All of these words have been leading to the DIY conclusion for this posting and a major theme of this blog.

Let us begin to support one another as innovative as we can as an online community. Share our factual experiences– they are not stories, they are experiences. Stories can be misunderstood. Some say the Bible is the greatest story ever told– as such, is it not often the greatest ever to be misunderstood?

How this will develop will be determined by those who will step forward and begin to share, perhaps through this blog. Others may see the light, and raise up support groups in local communities, bringing together families and individuals who have suffered great losses– children. Remember, none are excluded from this idea, it is just beginning to turn over in this blog author,s head.

No pictures.

No links.

No more repeats of cures here– because that has been adequately posted.

Let’s move on to support groups and those who want to give their support in words, deeds, guidance, and creative energy….

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