Tribute to parents who survive a great loss

How do we give our support to parents who have lost one or more children to dengue fever.  In the garden of despair we must find words, maybe a song.

God’s been there too!

Waking from a night full of dreams,

  the morning task would be a difficult one,

  tribute to parents who survive a great loss,

  love no longer shared.


Thoughts wandered in,

  what of the family,

  and their two young children,

  whose voices are memories now.


Readers the world over,

  read this blog,

  how will you pay tribute across

  so many hues of culture.


Searching for an answer in song,

  how do you find a voice that will

  transcend and appeal to the world,

  a voice that gently tunes the broken heart.


Remember when children asked;


  Sometimes not truly knowing why,

  we answered out our of your mystery of why.


Then the thought came gently,

  remember– God’s been there too.

  His Son in the garden of despair;

  Inspiration pressed these words into someone’s heart

  for us to hear–

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