The Hindu : NATIONAL / TAMIL NADU : Special section for giving ‘nilavembu kudineer’

The Hindu : NATIONAL / TAMIL NADU : Special section for giving ‘nilavembu kudineer’.

The homoeopathic treatment referenced in this article is government sponsored to meet the dengue fever epidemic in the Palayamkottai hospital district in India.t

This is another validation that natural alternative treatments are a viable remedy for dengue fever.

I do not yet know the ingredients of ‘nilavembu kudineer’ but I will find out.

Neem and papaya leaf extracts, a simpler and scientifically endorsed cure has its roots in alternative medicines.

It is in the best interest for all of us to establish a knowledge of where to purchase papaya food and tea products.  This I will search on a country by country bases for those who do not live in tropical regions.

Please share this information and get busy with the questions, comments, and contributions to this blog– so as best to guide my energies in subjects of interest or concern to you.

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