Seven deadly words that kill innocent children!

These seven deadly words; “There is no cure for dengue fever”; has killed thousands of children:

Innocent children die needlessly!
Who will help us take this message viral? Will you help save the lives of innocent children?

There is no cure for dengue fever”; has killed thousands of children:

  • Did they kill your child?
  • Did they kill a child relative of yours?
  • Did they kill your friend’s or neighbor’s child?
  • Did they kill a child unknown to you that once lived in your city or town?
  • Did they kill children in your state/province?
  • Did they kill children in your country or region of the world?


Author’s note: Please! If you answered yes to any of the questions above, comment, ask questions, or consider posting to this blog– Please!


These seven deadly words do not discriminate on the basis of CCRR:

  • color–

    • white, black, red, yellow– mosquitoes by their instinctive behavior go for the blood of a warm body living person or animal regardless of outward appearances
  • class–

    • citizens of the world that are street destitute, gainfully employed or unemployed, heads of state or street sweepers, Kings/Queens or Presidents of powerful or tiny nations, mosquitoes attack all alike
  • race–

    • disease bearing mosquitoes attack human without regards to anthropological ancestry or creation
  • religion–

    • it is doubtful to me that any insect has any awareness of what our beliefs or non-beliefs are

There is no cure for dengue fever”; will continue to kill children by the thousands, until we, without regards to  CCRR demand the truth to be told, especially on the internet that hosts the most effective world communication that has come within our reach.

What can we do:

  • Help by taking this posting viral – someone has the skill to accomplish this, I don’t.  Who will make this bucket list dream wish a reality?
  • Create your own posting that will go viral demanding the truth be told. “There is a scientifically endorsed, simple, cheap dengue fever cure, can be done without hospitalization endorsed cure:
  • You who have the skill to do this can reference the following links of your choosing:

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