2012 In Memory Of Memorial


In all our lives, we all experience sorrow.  At this years end, I wish to pay a tribute to the families that have lost children to dengue fever this 2012 year. 

Posting to another experience of sadness and grief,  on a different page, made me think of my Bucket List Dream Wishes. In memory of sadness experienced this 2012, I say– I’m only a finger tip away, and there is a friend closer to you somewhere.


There are ageless voices of song

that can best express what we can not

bring to our lips.

Words that tell of our deep sorrows too

for the loss of another’s precious living jewel.


We can lose, silver, gold, magnificent diamonds,

and thought how could this be.

But then one day, at the end of fever,

at the gasping, sleeping last breath,

the greatest priceless loss of all–


Advocating the findings of Doctor Sanath Hettige

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