No One Eats Lunch Alone Here – Peter Georgescu

No One Eats Lunch Alone Here – Peter Georgescu.

If we open our minds, hearts, and souls, we see how we are all related and connected.  Again, I’ve found a jewel of an article that helps the theme of this blog.

Most times people, children as of my interest, do not die alone.  Premature deaths which are humanly induces, should never occur.  Not all deaths related to dengue fever are justifiable and no one is held accountable.

There is a cheap, virtually free cure for dengue fever.  Should we not be asking the question; “If this is so; why are innocent children still suffering and dying from dengue fever”?

Advocating the findings of Doctor Sanath Hettige

About PLXC-CTC Dengue Remedies

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