Good public relations for outdated modern treatment for dengue fever…

This is absolutely the irony of public relations advocating misinformation– I’ve read to date.  This is a sad endorsement of of outdated treatments for dengue fever.  This account is a perfect example of what one will experience (days on end of sufferings)  if they are uninformed and unknowing of natural alternatives (raising blood platelets within 24/hrs)– even published in the British Medical Journal.

Following the two quotes below, click on the article published in the Washington Post:

Treatment options are limited. The dengue virus attacks your blood, so as the disease progresses, you run about a 5 percent risk of hemorrhaging — as blood thinners, Advil and aspirin only increase the risk — or going into shock. Or you can recover. Hospital stays entail mostly monitoring — fever, blood pressure, platelet and white blood cell counts, fluid intake and the somewhat predictable course of the disease. Short of a transfusion, nothing can halt the assault on your blood or ameliorate the telltale rash or joint pains (dengue is also known as “breakbone fever”), both of which, mercifully, I was spared.

I couldn’t have picked a better place to have dengue. Affiliated with Bangkok Hospital, Royal Angkor caters to foreigners; unfortunately, most Cambodians, with an average annual income of only about $800, can’t afford the rates. The staff and doctors speak flawless English. The private rooms are clean and large, with bathrooms, balconies, cable TV and phones. Most importantly, of course, the care was superb.

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