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With all the severe criticism concerning the press not serving the public’s interest and right to know– here is a news story that lends credence to the fact, someone in the press will tell the unpopular truth.

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'Young papaya leaves taken from the plant before it becomes a tree, have a significantly  higher amount of alkaloids.
‘Young papaya leaves taken from the plant before it becomes a tree, have a significantly higher amount of alkaloids.

Advocating the findings of Doctor Sanath Hettige

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Truth is a gem you have to search out, deeply and far beyond readily available institutions that assail your ears, eyes, thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Disclaimer: As a Great-grandfather family webmaster, what I share should never be accepted as being medical advice, merely a sharing of easily researchable links for the purpose of educational sharing in the public interest.

You should research for yourself and make your best intelligent decisions— even before or after consulting with medical professionals who have earned your trust. /Nicasio Martinez


On rare occasion you come across a news article that is glaringly truthful.  The article pressed below speaks, to the social and political issues that all to often are not brought to the forefront for our reading.  After the quoted excerpts click on the link: Emergency, help… | Opinion, News….


Emergency, help

SEARCH FOR THE TRUTH By Ernesto M. Maceda | Updated August 25, 2011 – 12:00am

The number of deaths from dengue has reached 270, 78 of them in Metro Manila from poor families. That’s much more than any destructive typhoon.

The tragedy here is that many of the deaths, 70 percent of them young kids could have been minimized.

It is sad to note that a crying father confessed that he brought his dead child to a hospital five days late because he had no money for transportation. It is very disturbing to see hospitals overcrowded…

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