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for all who contract dengue fever!

For over 70/years and still counting, researchers representing giant drug manufacturers, have fed into compounding the impact of dengue fever on the world population. There accountability to do no harm in the pursuit of their seemingly growing questionable goals, especially in reporting to the public, the first casualty has always been– truth. The truth is, they have lost all creditability in their efforts in the war against dengue fever. Reading the following report, after 70/years, we must ask, what have they accomplished to date:

Dengue Fever Cases Have Been Seriously Underestimated

by JASON BEAUBIENApril 08, 201311:29 AM

A new paper in the journal Nature says scientists have been seriously underestimating the amount of dengue around the globe.

The study says there could be as many as 400 million dengue infections worldwide each year making it more prevalent than malaria. This is four times higher than the current dengue prevalence estimate of the World Health Organization.

One reason for the huge increase in estimated infections is that dengue has been spreading far and wide. It’s usually described as an infectious tropical disease but lately it’s been popping up even outside the tropics. There’ve been major outbreaks in Portugal and Russia, and small ones in the U.S.

We should not waste time attempting to justify or rectify what is beyond our control as world citizens. What we need is truth. Have we been lied to? If so, who will give an account for all the sufferings and premature deaths over the years.

Have we been lied to? – Yes!

Are there cures for dengue fever? – Yes!

Dose the WHO and CDC recognize any cures for dengue fever? – No!

The natural plant sources for cures, that are often held in disdain by our modern medical society, are they patentable at this time? – No?

Natural cures that are sourced from the leaves of papaya and neem leaves, have been researched and endorsed by several research institutions. We need to be mindful, that every professional naysayer, with printed degrees following their names, who espouses; “There no cure for dengue fever”; once wrote a research paper and had to defend their hypothesis before a panel of learned professors. So it is disingenuous of them to turn up their noses, and demean research, when it contradicts what they have been taught to parrot as if in rote unison.

Short chronology (2008 – 2012) of findings by a medical doctor in the field, and research institutions that have endorsed known dengue cures which have to their credits, ancient histories being rediscovered most recently:

2008 – Sri Lankan Family Physician

Salutary effects of carica papaya leaf extract in dengue fever patients -a pilot study <—- (click for complete text)

(Dr. Sanath’s findings) –

Twelve patients under my clinical care and fulfilling

the above inclusion criteria diagnosed as dengue fever

and declining hospital admission, were given a drink of

papaya leaf extract-two 5ml doses at an 8 hour interval for

adults and two 2.5 ml doses at an 8 hour interval for children

<10 years. Before the treatment, the procedure and the

possible outcomes was explained to the patient. The

papaya leaf extract was prepared by crushing two (2) tender

fresh papaya leaves (not too young – not too mature,

using only the leafy part removing the stalks) and

squeezing the juice by hand. The juice was given for

drinking without diluting. Prior to the intake of papaya

leaf juice, a sample of blood was obtained to determine the

white cell count, platelet count, alanine aminotransferase

(ALT) and packed cell volume. A second sample of blood

was obtained, the next day, to determine the white cell

count, platelet count, ALT and PCV. Tests were done using

an automated system and confirmed manually.

2011 –British Medical Journal

Dengue: an escalating problem <—- (click for complete text)

(Dr. Sanath Hettige’s Letter To The Editor Of BMJ)

Dear editor: After my first published article, on the effect of Carica papaya leaf juice on dengue fever patient in Sri Lanka Family Physician – 2008, 29, 17-19 and details about this research in the independent medical association news letter of Srilanka , there was a wide publicity to these findings in the local and international media. This resulted in many patients using this simple herbal remedy on their own when they were diagnosed as having dengue fever. Many patients under my care living in and around my medical clinic (Maharagama – Sri Lanka) took this treatment on their own accord and I had the opportunity of observing the effects of Carica Papaya leaf juice on about 60 dengue positive patients which included Hospitalized patients- including 10 treated in the Medical ICU.

All these patients have consumed Carica papay leaf juice on their own accord with the permission of their attending physician. I was able to get all the information of these patients using an especially design data collecting form, with the permission of the patient. In this ongoing observational study which is not published yet, I have observed that Carica Papaya leaf juice brings speedy recovery to dengue patients with great beneficial effects.

2012 – The Times Of India

Home cure for dengue death sting<—- click on link for complete text

(regenerates platelets and white blood cells)

The juice of the humble papaya leaf has been seen to arrest the destruction of platelets that has been the cause for so many deaths this dengue season. Ayurveda researchers have found that enzymes in the papaya leaf can fight a host of viral infections, not just dengue, and can help regenerate platelets and white blood cells.

2012 – The Times Of India

“a grandma’s antidote”

(neem-papaya juice passes dengue test scientific endorsementKings Institute Of Preventive) Medicine – Dec 20, 2012

CHENNAI: After more than 37,000 dengue cases, including 227 which resulted in death, across India, a grandma’s antidote for the virus seems to be getting scientific endorsement. A herbal concoction — juice of papaya leaf, common neem and hill neem — being given to dengue patients in government hospitals in Tamil Nadu has been found to have anti-viral properties. Tests conducted at the King Institute of Preventive Medicine found that the Siddha preparation brought down symptoms and speeded up the recovery of patients.

The popular worldwide press is busily engaging in making sure we read all the fearful and often less than true facts.  They seem to ignore nutritional alternatives that are preventative measures as well as cures.

I respectfully ask the alternative news media to accept my invitation to share this with your readers.  The informed do not contract or die of dengue fever.  In fact, we do our best to shorten the period of suffering and even death in situations close to home.

To all readers of this posting, please forward to contacts you have in our effort to reverse the victory guaranteed by naysayers, enabling dengue fever to circle the globe.   Naysayers refuse to be truthful and should be held accountable for the excessive sufferings and preventable deaths.

Respectfully, /Nicasio Martinez

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PS: The simplist dengue fever cure I know of to date is camote/sweet potato tea, and the best link I have to offer for now:

(a student research paper)


Alert– for accredited scientific studies and research by institutions and individuals, clicking on the following link is a must—

'Young papaya leaves taken from the plant before it becomes a tree, have a significantly  higher amount of alkaloids.
‘Young papaya leaves taken from the plant before it becomes a tree, have a significantly higher amount of alkaloids.


Advocating the findings of Doctor Sanath Hettige

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