Dengue Fever 2013 – Killing children with professional and institutional help!

This narrative, in chronological order, is based on true to life details, verifiable, and already a part of the human experience:

Part I

My name is Mark. I’m was a single parent raising my son Philip who died at the young age of ten. Before his death, after contracting dengue fever, our only family concern was his being overweight for his age group.

I’m not a neglectful parent, and fortunate to have been raised by my grandparents who were very attentive, protective, and provided generously for all my needs. The example they sit helped to mold me into the concerned parent I was until just a few months ago.

Monday 24 June, Philip texted to say he was on his way home from school because he had a sore throat and low-grade fever. This was not a problem. When I recovered from the loss of my wife, I had established a home-based online business.

Thursday 27 June, My son said he felt much better, seeming to have gotten over his mild discomfort, he went back to school. My thinking this to be great and not having to stress the budget with a medical emergency. Good old orange and grapefruit juice seemed to chase away his fever.

Wednesday July 3, Philip texted again to say, he was on his way from school, this time feeling worse than before. So much for my instinctive home-care remedy. When he arrived from school, I could see it was time to pay a visit to our family pediatrician named George.

Explaining to George, this was the second time Philip came home from school feeling feverish and complaining of a sore throat. I explained how I had given orange and grapefruit juice to my son the first time he came home from school.

After giving the usual examination, I was told; “Your son needs something a little bit stronger than fruit juice. The sore throats are being triggered by Philip’s asthma. I’m prescribing an antibiotic and this should take care of the problem.

Thursday July 4, the fever went away again that night. All was well again. George had been Philip’s pediatrician for several years now. I had much faith in him. He was recommended by a work associate.

Friday July 5, during the night, Philip’s temperature went up again. I felt at a loss. Why was his temperature going away and then returning, even though he was still taking the prescribed antibiotics. This was draining me. But I was doing what I thought best. All that I knew at that time.

Saturday July 6, during the night his fever disappeared again. But much to my distress, a new complication, complaints of stomach pains. It’s the weekend. Our pediatrician leaves town on the weekends. Sunday I will have my neighbor watch over George while I attend church and pray for strength and the healing of my son.

Sunday July 7, things are worse for Philip. I’ll keep my faith one more day, perhaps tomorrow all this will begin to turn around. He’s still taking the antibiotic. Just one more day– I pray.

Monday July 8, I was now frantic. I’d lost my faith in the pediatrician’s diagnoses and the medicine he prescribed, it’s not working.

I knew better than to blame God, even though tempted to do so. My son, I thought, could be dying. In a panic I took him to the nearby Community Medical Center– what a shock when the test results came back!

Tuesday July 9, Philip, my only son, was admitted as a young 10-year-old patient suffering critically from dengue fever. In less than 24/hours he was dead– gone.

Thursday July 11, my brother, the oldest and distant one, arrived. I embraced him full body contact at the airport. My face buried in the nape of his neck, both our faces full of tears. Knowing my tears were running down his neck, I spoke first– “I should have listened”.

Saturday July 13, was my birthday.

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'Young papaya leaves taken from the plant before it becomes a tree, have a significantly  higher amount of alkaloids.
‘Young papaya leaves taken from the plant before it becomes a tree, have a significantly higher amount of alkaloids.


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