Lysis Corrected with Papaya Leaf in Lab

Since discovering– Wow! I encourage all to read this blog and I’m sure to give it some deep study. To long we have been keep in total darkness. Natural cures grow within our own gardens. How do I know this– we now have four papaya trees growing in our veggie garden. We have to keep cutting back the camote leaves. Tawa tawa, a wild weed grows in untidy places almost anywhere. Neem trees are every where, so often growing wild at roadsides, every where.

How much more inexpensive can dengue and cancer cures get?

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Papaya Leaf Tea for Cancer


This is Lysis: (see image above)
Lysis refers to the breaking down of a cell, often by viral, enzymic, or osmotic mechanisms that compromise its integrity. A fluid containing the contents of lysed cells is called a “lysate”.

Studies have shown that papaya leaf can help the body produce red blood cells and in this way cure a patient from Dengue Fever.

A curious group of scientists did an experiment with papaya leaf extract and red blood cells that showed lysis (hemolysis). In an amazing feat, the scientists showed that the papaya leaf actually restored the cells to health!

This research shows that the papaya leaf not only helps the body make red blood cells but can also heal the lysis! Does this show that the leaf may have an anti-Viral effect? This discovery may explain why fermented papaya (inc. papaya leaf) has shown effect against severe lysis in…

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    1. And people are being told, there is no cure. I hope you remember boiled sweet potato leaves is a sure cure. Papaya leaf extract is sold by Amazon online. Let everyone you know, know this too. 😉


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