Papaya Leaf Tea; Enzyme Therapy for Cancer

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Papaya Leaf Tea for Cancer

Papaya Leaf tea can be taken as a form of enzyme therapy. Proteases (protein dissolving enzymes) continue to show effect against cancers in the lab.

Dr Beard, the Scottish embryologist, showed the effect of trypsin (similar to our body’s natural protease) taken from a young calf on human cancerous tumors. The enzyme “ignites” activity in the human body. In Dr Beard’s studies, trypsin injected directly into cancerous tumors appeared to slow down or stop tumor growth.

Why would we need more proteases in our body if it already produces trypsin? Dr Howell, the famous enzyme scientist, addressed that question by the analogy of our bodies having an enzyme “bank” that becomes depleted as we age and when we consume cooked food. The idea is that cooked food does not contain necessary digestive enzymes, so the body essentially must borrow from the “bank”. When the bank becomes depleted of proteases from…

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