Cancer Research Heroes: Noriko Otsukia, Nam H. Dang, Emi Kumagaia, Akira Kondoc, Satoshi Iwataa, Chikao Morimoto

Papaya leaves, whether extracts from freshly picked leaves from the , or teas brewed using the leaves– natures cure for dengue fever and cancer is being confirmed repeatedly. Shortly, I will be updating my static ‘Welcome’ posting into a 3/page introduction. Page 2 will tell of our personal experience and confidence in camote tea as a cure for dengue fever. Page 3, after a featured posting will comprise and ever growing list of medical professionals, and research institutions and scientist who are confirming natural cures with links connected to their publications and news releases when applicable.

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Papaya Leaf Tea for Cancer

These scientists are cancer research heroes:
Noriko Otsukia, Nam H. Dang, Emi Kumagaia, Akira Kondoc, Satoshi Iwataa, Chikao Morimoto.

They meticulously proved in the lab the effect of papaya leaf tea on various cancer cell lines. Details were published in the
Journal of Ethnopharmacology 127 (2010) 760–767

Aqueous extract of Carica papaya leaves exhibits anti-tumor activity and immunomodulatory effects

This study among others have shown that papaya leaf tea should be considered as a new herbal treatment for cancer.

Other studies have contributed to this conclusion, even absent large clinical trials; that the tea is non-toxic even in large doses*, and that papaya leaf tea has existed in ethno-medicine (traditional medicine) all over the world as a treatment for cancer, dengue fever, malaria, etc.

Large clinical trials have shown the effect of proteases on cancer. Papaya leaf tea contains two of the most powerful proteases found in the world…

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