drug capsule 98 Alive dengue cure- wrapped in false information to be marketed in 2014

Why would a researching department of a university, perhaps in the best interests of global drug cartels, after more than 70/years of trials and errors by the combined efforts of research institutions, including major mishaps, now feel the need to resort to falsehoods?

To me, as family webmaster for PLXC-CTC Dengue Remedies, some day in the near future, the current acceptable treatment for dengue fever, especially when patients are being advised by medical professionals; “There is no cure for dengue fever”, may be seen as malpractice.

Board certified practitioners representing both contemporary and natural alternatives, who serve and protect the humane interests of their trusting patients, should be highly disturbed by this article appearing online 26 September 2013:

QUEENSLAND scientists have developed the world’s first cure for dengue fever ­using a drug drawn from ­melaleuca leaves.

The breakthrough is set to revolutionize treatment for the debilitating virus which threatens half the world’s population. The drug, dubbed 98 Alive, comes in a capsule and can be used to treat ­patients with dengue as well as working as a preventive for people visiting countries known for dengue outbreaks.

It contains melaleuca alternifolia concentrate – which comes from melaleuca plants grown throughout Queensland – and is effective curing all four types of dengue.

Maybe naysayers of natural alternatives are responding to the spread of knowledge about natural cures as published in many Asian newspapers such as The Times Of India:

  • Home cure for dengue death sting – 12 December 2012

    • KOLKATA: It could be a miracle cure for dengue. And the best part is you can make it at home.

      The juice of the humble papaya leaf has been seen to arrest the destruction of platelets that has been the cause for so many deaths this dengue season. Ayurveda researchers have found that enzymes in the papaya leaf can fight a host of viral infections, not just dengue, and can help regenerate platelets and white blood cells.

  • Neem-papaya juice passes dengue test – 20 December 2012

    • CHENNAI: After more than 37,000 dengue cases, including 227 which resulted in death, across India, a grandma’s antidote for the virus seems to be getting scientific endorsement. A herbal concoction — juice of papaya leaf, common neem and hill neem — being given to dengue patients in government hospitals in Tamil Nadu has been found to have anti-viral properties. Tests conducted at the King Institute of Preventive Medicine found that the Siddha preparation brought down symptoms and speeded up the recovery of patients.

Any breakthrough for a cure or preventative, especially to put an end to premature deaths of innocent young children and infants is certainly welcomed. Although there is yet to be published scientific endorsement for camote tea, our family received the doctor’s okay to allow my wife’s teen son to drink the tea. Kim did not suffer for weeks of torturous illness and outdated treatments. In just 3/days he was ready for discharge from the hospital.

Camote tea, like the yet to be marketed drug capsule 98 Alive, is both a preventative and a cure. In temperate to tropical zones you can grow camote (sweet potatoes) for their leaves in your own veggie gardens or pots. We do.

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Truth is a gem you have to search out, deeply and far beyond readily available institutions that assail your ears, eyes, thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Disclaimer: As a Great-grandfather family webmaster, what I share should never be accepted as being medical advice, merely a sharing of easily researchable links for the purpose of educational sharing in the public interest.

You should research for yourself and make your best intelligent decisions— even before or after consulting with medical professionals who have earned your trust. /Nicasio Martinez

Alert– for accredited scientific studies and research by institutions and individuals, clicking on the following link is a must— papayaleaves.wordpress.com

'Young papaya leaves taken from the plant before it becomes a tree, have a significantly  higher amount of alkaloids.
‘Young papaya leaves taken from the plant before it becomes a tree, have a significantly higher amount of alkaloids.


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