Tawa tawa for dengue fever… Doctor smirks in disdain…

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If you do not speak Cebuano or Tagalog, listen through until the medical doctors speak in English.  What is most important is the hesitancy to give credit to tawa tawa which is well known to some in the Philippines. The doctors are the voice of the establishment that is why dengue fever is winning the battle to rob thousands of their health and set them up for any one of the other types of dengue fever.

Listen to the disdain in the doctor voice and the smirk on his face.  Using tawa tawa, papaya leaf extract, or camote tea, used as soon as even fever is present, will eliminate the need for any type of IV therapy and even aid in the discontinuance of such treatments.  How do I know this, ask Doctor Sanath Hettige.

The words anecdotal, not scientifically researched, attempt to suppress the use of this indigent cure.

When I begin to tell someone of papaya leaf extract they begin to tell me about tawa tawa.  Look at the overcrowding- it is a disgrace to what is called contemporary medicine.


Alert– for accredited scientific studies and research by institutions and individuals, clicking on the following link is a must— papayaleaves.wordpress.com


'Young papaya leaves taken from the plant before it becomes a tree, have a significantly  higher amount of alkaloids.
‘Young papaya leaves taken from the plant before it becomes a tree, have a significantly higher amount of alkaloids.

3 thoughts on “Tawa tawa for dengue fever… Doctor smirks in disdain…

    1. 1. The risk begins when any person, regardless of CCRR, color, class, race, or religion, with or without insurance, street beggar or extremely wealthy- procrastinates, puts off making any decision until symptoms are overwhelming. The danger and life threatening is procrastination, not known natural cures. I am guilty of this too, because I don’t have and can’t afford health insurance. Even an office visit puts our family budget in stress.
      2. In regards to dengue fever, medical doctors like Dr. Sanath Hettige, and research institutions like the King Institute Of Preventive Medicine And Research, and Ayurveda Researchers have scientifically researched and endorsed papaya leaf extract (PLX) is indeed a cure (PLXC) for dengue fever, even as a home treatment, ruling out procrastination of course. Do you refute their findings?
      3. Contemporary for profit medicine holds free or almost free cures in disdain. No hospital bills to pay. No IVs, blood transfusions or otherwise to pay for. Hospital beds would not need to be shared by up to four patients in a bed in some regions. Scientifically endorsed cures free up hospital beds for more urgent health-care needs. So why the disdain and lies about their not being a cure for dengue fever? Such a statement certainly borders on professional malpractice, a practice condoned globally.

      4. PLXC has been written about in 2011, as an optional home cure, in the British Medical Journal. All this is in my blog. The smirking doctor said tawa tawa has been known since 1950s in the Philippines. Other than finally winning the endorsements of prestigious institutions we need more doctors like Dr. Hettige to say it works; “I’ve been assisting both home treatments and clinical treatments since 2008 or whatever year”.
      5. What is the acceptable death toll? How many deaths of young children and infants will it take for pediatricians, to stop looking down their running noses with blind study eyes, at known indigent cures, which are now being scientifically endorsed? I challenge the pediatricians of the world, even just one, dare answer this question- truthfully and honestly, without deceit?
      6. For more than 70/years pharmaceutical giants continue to fail to discover a patent cure for dengue fever, vaccine or drug. This too is profitable. When they do, unlike natural cures now seeing the light of day again, the whole world, regardless of CCRR, will know about it- to get the money rolling in. Treatment is about money. Based on what the market will bear, and not the market of the poor.
      7. How did I know about camote tea, I read about it in the Philippine Inquirer Newspaper the previous year before my wife’s teen son, Kim, contracted dengue fever, and I did not forget what I read. At our insistence he drank CT and was ready for discharge in just 3/days. CT is catching research interest and one day it will be published like the PLXC. Maybe it has already been published somewhere.

      8. The informed, street beggar or extremely wealthy, do not suffer long days, weeks, or months both pre/post dengue. For breakfast I drink a cup of CT or papaya tea. The papaya tea I brew from leaves I gather from fruit bearing trees, dry in the sun 3/days, more if necessary, hand crush. CT I brew from fresh leaves from my garden, or leaves I’ve dried and crushed. CT is both a preventative, cure, and delightful morning breakfast tea when adding a snipping of lemon grass to the brew. I’m told fresh papaya leaves make a slightly bitter tea, haven’t tried it yet.

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