A New Ending

“Let go and turn it over” – “anyone can start today and make a new ending”! This is so true. We all to often weight our mind and bodies down with the past while we are in the present, a new time, and new space. Dead issues, not forgotten or forgiveness sought, makes tempest of our futures.

Me and the Boss 2013



can go back

and start

a new beginning,

but anyone

can start today

and make

a new ending.”


~ Maria Robinson


So yesterday we made a small faux pas,

mistake, blunder, gaffe, indiscretion, impropriety,

solecism, barbarism  or maybe just your basic boo boo,

but we forgave, forgot and turned it over to a Higher Power

and now we are set to begin a new day.

Today, make your goal to be the person

God wants you to be.

Kindness is starting a new day

with the chance of making a happy ending.

Kindness is the beginning of a life filled with love.


ME and the Boss






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3 thoughts on “A New Ending

  1. Nicasio,

    I hope your family is safe and the disaster spared the ones you love. I was trying to find some news on Cebu, as far as I understand that is the province you live in. So far, the news say Cebu suffered less damages than Tacloban. I also read that Cebu residents cope with damage on their own, volunteering and helping one another, not waiting for help from the outside. I though that sounded like you:)) I hope we will hear from you soon.

    We pray for you and your family.


    1. Here I am, first day back since Yolanda struck. Cebu was not as badly damaged, but as you will travel north, beyond Catmon and Sogod the intensity became and remains apparent. Heavily forested areas of coconut trees begin to look like open land except for the view of hundreds of fallen trees, those that were snapped and barely standing, mountain ridges very sparse of trees. The islands of Samar and Leyte acted as buffers to Cebu, and they actually are. From what I see on ever turn for miles and miles, here on Cebu island- I would be totally depressed traumatized almost beyond my capacity to bear, and I’m not being flippant. My wife, her niece, our immediate neighbors- we keep each other grounded. In all that we each suffered here, we were blessed. Most homes have almost or completely lost their roofs. We are fortunate the rains have been sparse. I’ll be posting more as it seems relevant or to respond to questions.


  2. Hi…
    I’ve been off for awhile and trying to catch up. Was your comment directed to the author of ‘A New Ending’, that would be Me & The Boss. He is a great source for inspiring many…


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