3 people are tracking you – abusive (in your face) advertisement by Ad Choices

(3 people are following you) is tantamount to fear mongering and extremely abusive to users of the internet!

The ever pervasive abusive advertisement by Ad Choices is fear mongering at the highest level and it is hiding behind first amendment rights no doubt.  If the ad revealed the true number of people following me, then I would have no beef with this more than likely less than truthful advertisement appearing on my screen.  Then I would have the honorable respected choice to click X and hopefully forever, never  see this ad again.

I should not have to opt out of such a deceptive (lying ad) because it is probably less than truthful. In all possibilities, informed internet users, are knowingly being followed and allowed to do so with imposed legal sanctions we get to sign off on because of all the pages of legalese when we visit websites of our own choosing, or load services and programs we want or indeed need.

We don’t need fear mongering online when we know the same Ad Choices will not promote even life saving sites such as my own or maybe yours too.

Unless the 3 people are tracking you Ad Choice ad can give the true number of trackers to my online activity– it is false advertisement, fishing, fear mongering, and misleading and should be immediately banned from the internet.

If you agree with this posting,WP ‘Press This’, reblog, copy, improve but most of all– just take this viral!

PS: Attention Ad Choices– in the public interest and right to know, there is a scientifically researched and endorsed cure for dengue fever– papaya leaf extract. Two Asian research institutions have reported this cure in the Times Of India and other Asian news media.

End note: those who will help in the suggested suggestions of this Ad Choice protest should post their own concern and good intents of their blogs with a closing PS.

Thanks to all bloggers of good conscience and pursuits,

Nicasio MartinezNM

Great-grandfather webmaster

PLX – CTC Dengue Remedies

Alert– for accredited scientific studies and research by institutions and individuals, clicking on the following link is a must— papayaleaves.wordpress.com

'Young papaya leaves taken from the plant before it becomes a tree, have a significantly  higher amount of alkaloids.
‘Young papaya leaves taken from the plant before it becomes a tree, have a significantly higher amount of alkaloids.