Alternative treatments for dengue fever – Health | The Star Online

Alternative treatments for dengue fever – Health | The Star Online.


Dengue & Cancer– There are natural alternatives

(2014 let’s start winning the battle against major diseases!)

As the webmaster of this site, I will be spending time learning more about the healing and preventative properties and high nutritional immune system enhancing values to be gained from papaya leaves and fruit, camote leaves and tuber, tawa tawa and its roots, and other natural healing agents that many of us have access to, even growing wild on many neglected tracks of land.

We will be presenting the latest news articles as they come to our attention– with a ‘news’ tag. After more than two years devoted to the natural alternatives now being scientifically researched and verified, I am mystified why dengue fever, even cancer is still running rampant on the global scene. I’d like hearing more from you this year too. šŸ™‚

It would be a grave oversight not to provide this link Clicking on the link provided helps us to learn more scientific data why we should be winning the war on dengue, cancer, and other diseases caused by life-stealing viruses.

Thanks to all who comment and visit our site as we attempt to provide the best we can find online. /Nicasio Martinez