Why all the noise about dengue fever in the USA; simple cures already known except to the WHO & CDC

‘Papaya leaf juice can help in recovery from dengue fever’ – Nation | The Star Online.


The above link points to a very recent published article– simple cures for dengue fever have been scientifically researched, endorsed, and proven to be effective against dengue fever. Take time to read my blog, and for more scientific information visit papayleaves.wordpress.com; and be surprised what you will find at that creditable site.


It seems because the WHO & CDC are (willfully) ignorant, or fail to read beyond the controlled media outlets, and misleading professional medical journals, citizens across the globe are suffering and dying needlessly.


Why the creation of panic now in the USA– simple! Even in countries where the cures for dengue fever have been researched and proven, even the young children go to premature graves, lives wasted.  Certainly to ignore what I’ve published on my blog for several years now– established medicine will never bury dengue fever, so we will continue to bury those who die from the disease.  Those who have already experienced dengue fever should be in the forefront to learn they have suffered miserably without justification.  Do you agree?


Our family made the decision to use camote (sweet potato) tea to cure my wife’s teen son of dengue fever here in the Philippines. It was so simple. At any fresh produce market ask for the leaves of sweet potatoes and boil them to make a tea.


I am thankful there is a God of creation, and we will all be held accountable, those who know the truth I’ve shared, for what we’ve done to save or sacrifice lives often with grave indifference.


Again– visit papayleaves.wordpress.com for more scientific information. The panic being created in the USA is without merit, if the public would be truthfully informed. You will discover what is good for dengue is good for cancer too!