Ebola – Dengue Fever – Flu; viruses!

Let’s just talk person to person. All titles aside, if there were any to begin with!

  • Even as a non-medical professional, it can be safely said, most diseases we may unfortunately encounter are virus related.
  • Have you for a moment considered; “What is my most favored antiviral food, especially fruits, beverages, and mostly teas, or natural supplements of course?
  • Whatever you answer, if you have at least one highly antioxidant/antiviral, vitamin and mineral enriched nutritious food beverage, or supplement included in your daily intake– you are miles ahead in what seems to be some ever-increasing diabolical movement towards an ultimate means to sicken millions upon millions of us.

To all of you, us, who believe nature has given us all we need to stay well, or even recover from the most dreaded of diseases;

  • We need to earnestly share with others what we have put our faith into.
  • We need to learn things to add to fortify that which we now do on a daily basis, to help increase the self-healing our bodies are capable of.

Am I somewhat in a panic frame of mind? Yes! Ebola has pushed me over the edge. More than two-years I’ve posted, yes repeatedly, there is no need to fear viruses even remotely related to dengue fever. Viruses do not fare well when it comes to plant sourced remedies which do more that treat symptoms; they cure!

What have I decided to do in response to the latest media, which will never mention natural alternatives, in spite of the fact Chinese medicines, and many Asian cures have successfully treated these diseases in the past–

  • Daily, I’m keeping a large hot thermos bottle steeping a combination of papaya, camote, and tawa tawa, as a constant sipping beverage throughout the day.

     My concern for you, what will you be doing besides thinking about a vaccine not even tested for safety?

    • As for flu vaccines, I’ve not had one for over forty years. Haven’t you read; people who take the flu vaccines still get the flu?

You will be noticing a lot of ‘Press This’ posting bringing to your attention, expert sources that just may keep us alive and be of some help to others.

I’ve been away from frequent posting attempting to help my wife to make better choices, but, I met her in her fifties and she is hook, line, and sinker into contemporary drug medicine. As my grandmother taught me; “It’s her little red wagon. She has to push or pull it.”

I was influential in her changing doctors. It seems for more than ten years she was being treated for irregular heartbeat. Guess what we just recently learned– it’s not that at all. It’s ‘rapid heartbeat’, which we are now getting to the source of that.

By example I do my best for my wife, relatives, friends and neighbors.

Thanks for reading my blog…. I’m back. I will answer in detail any question you may ask!