Did you realize the United States government owns the patent on Ebola? – NaturalNews.com

Did you realize the United States government owns the patent on Ebola? – NaturalNews.com.


Mike Adams adopting the name ‘Health Ranger’ has authored this dynamic site.  As much as I dislike being exposed to a lot of Ads, please, when you visit Natural News read the About page.


I’ve often asked my self this very serious question; “Why do such dreaded diseases come out of Africa or Asia?


I would like a discussion to begin on this critical subject, without much time delay to get the exchanges started.  I have my ideas– what about yours?


5 thoughts on “Did you realize the United States government owns the patent on Ebola? – NaturalNews.com

  1. You have a very good point here, Nicasio. There is a reason why ebola, why now, and why in Africa. To me, the answer is Liberia. The US is now deploying not only medics, but also troops to ‘protect’ the world from ebola, but in fact we just lay our hands on rich oil lands in Liberia. Yes, I know the US military have the license, and I always apply the same logic whenever something dreadful happens – follow the money. In this case, follow the oil.

    1. It isn’t called ‘black’ gold for nothing. Africa has been raped for years for its abundant natural resources. It has been a feed bag for many nations, and the population is not considered of much value except for even medical experimentation. Oh! That I have lived to see this day.

      How far can God be from us now?

      1. It’s always darker before the dawn, but truth be told, I have a feeling we live at the end of times, so dawn may not be an option. With Africa, Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Gaza (Iran and Turkey in line) we witness the 3rd WW waging locally so far. Health care system is a mass murderer, and since there are too many of us to satisfy the golden million needs, wars and viruses will be deployed even more to decrease the planet’s population.
        I found God when it was the darkest for me and realized it’s not a man in an abstract heaven, but the sanity and justice in your heart. I suppose, if we as species don’t wake up, we deserve to be exterminated.

        1. So true. The next dawn we may see, will be the returning of the Prince of Peace. There will an accounting for every evil deed done and gone without sincere repentance. In the present darkness, under terrific stumbling stones, we still must carry a message of hope though the heavens fall all about us. It is with these thoughts in mind this blog was initiated. Your comments are most appreciated.

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