A convenient Ebola global pandemic outbreak & quarantine | (My retraction explained)


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A convenient Ebola global pandemic outbreak & quarantine

August 2, 2014 by JC Collins

Along with sovereign debt defaults and social unrest there needs to be additional events leading into and acting as causative factors in any economic collapse or transition. A global quarantine to fight the Ebola outbreak would offer such a factor.

There are many questionable matters surrounding this outbreak, none more so than the movement of patients around the world. This goes against Quarantine 101 measures to battle lethal pathogens such as Ebola. (source: galacticconnection.com)

There are events in the world’s social, financial, and political realms, unless we are viably connected and well informed, it becomes an awesome task for common citizens to know truth and pinpoint lies.

The much play acting that I suspected in regards to Ebola, piqued my suspensions. Having no more skills to rely on, other than the first hand experiences, many of us lived through during our participation in the 1950s – 1970s civil/human rights struggles in the USA.

Each world citizen is challenged to seek truth as it is often attempted to smother truth in a blanket of almost perfect lies, until a glimmer of light pierces the darkness of evil intent. With this said, I regret any disappointment I may have caused to current readers of this blog and have prevented having to make this apology to future visitors.

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