Retraction of support because I don’t know the Ebola truths or able to pinpoint lies…


911, WMD, Boston Marathon, Sandy Hook, now Ebola, with all the well informed and insiders who are way above the masses in intellect and resources– why is there such a disconnect with the masses? Have all those who have the ability to connect been silenced or bought? How much longer will this go on? Certainly things will break soon, or we, most of the masses will be led into holding pens, controlled, or silenced.

It’s more than removing talking heads, where is the messenger of truth as it was with MLK, Jr? I am very saddened by all this, quite disturbed. I will now retract support from entities which I believed were unpopular voices of truth, because I just don’t know what the truth is and lack the know how and resources to find truth. Mine is the voice of a common citizen befuddled by all this.