PUNCH, Nigerian newspaper; Ebola containment (defeated)

Victory over 90% sure killer Ebola:

Thank God Nigeria has been certified free from Ebola Virus Disease by the World Health Organization. Our gratitude also goes to the Federal Government, state governments and stakeholders in the health sector and indeed all Nigerians for rising up in unison to say no to the Ebola scourge.

This has shown that there is power in unity because it was the unanimity of purpose exhibited by all Nigerians that eventually won the battle against Ebola. It is indeed a pity that Guinea Liberia and Sierra Leone were practically shut down during Sallah celebrations. 

(source: PUNCH )

Starting with Nigerian’s defeat of Ebola, that has the Western MSM world spinning all kinds of wild stories, I will tell this story from the PUNCH Nigerian newspaper in reverse order. Victory was a great start for this series.

We were sorely in need of truth and good news “Out Of Africa” after so much misinformation. I decided to go to their press, and read their news– you should too!

Note to readers:  Dengue is in the hemorrhagic family of viruses, same as Ebola.