Morris High School expelled senior’56 confused by WHO Ebola victim accounting!


Africa: Ebola cases now exceed 10,000

Headline source allAfrica 25 October 2014

WHO 25 October 2014 Situation Report

Truth is a gem we much search for to make wise decisions to gurard our wellbeing.
Truth is a gem we much search for to make wise decisions to gurard our wellbeing.


Reading the “Ebola cases now exceed 10,141”, given by the WHO 25 October 2014 report, including a minus factor for deaths, what total of confirmed cases are we left with (I am no genius at best have 11yrs + 3mos of a 12yrs to graduation from Morris High School which I never graduated from:

  • 10,141 confirmed
  • – probable
  • – suspected cases
  • – 4,922 reported deaths
  • =5,219 confirmed, probable, suspected cases ending 23 October 2014.

My reasoning as one who was unjustly expelled from Morris High School, Bronx, NYC, what am I calculating wrong if anything at all? Probable and suspected (P&S) are 0 (zero given figures) can not add or subtract a given amount from 10,141 confirmed cases. Deaths are known, P&S unknown.

If WHO had never lied or provided the public with corrupt fairy tales facts before– I would ‘probably’ think, not reason, WHO knows and is reporting the truth. Any way this is how I’ve started my under-educated morning at 03:55 Philippine time. Disturb again!


GOOD NEWS, in the same report:

  • Senegal 17 October 2014 declared Outbreak Free
  • Nigeria 19 October 2014 declared Outbreak Free

Again I find my self asking the question; “What are the details of the treatment or remedy given to the victims who recovered in the USA or Africa”?


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