ISP’s marketing on a virus like pandemic – grossly over-priced and one of the most horrible download speeds in all of Asia!!

Help Wanted Now!!

Whose listening? Who cares?

Before my next Globe Bill is due…

Had I read the article quoted below, I could have saved myself a lot of frustration and aggravation by seeking to find the most reliable of the unreliable internet services for the best/lowest price, regardless of what type of device or plan, post paid/prepaid, no contract or credit checking.

Had I received a consistent average of 4 Mbps, before as in recent weeks 0.11 Mbps or even less, I would have spared employees at Talk2Globe listening to another irate customer whose numbers reach into the thousands or more for sure.

So I’m in the maze of what service I will find by the end of October that will meet my needs, and not pay for a service they will not provide regardless of all the wonderful hype and self corporate brand praising. I live in the extreme north area of Cebu.

Any help I get in making this decision, that I might receive from posting this online, will be much appreciated.

My needs are not excessive. Mainly email, one blog, more Twitter than Facebook, and some YouTube for vital health topics, very little YouTube for entrainment or news.

Ideally, P599.00/monthly I’d pay or less. Any plan or device, without a contract and ridiculous credit checking requiring the name of my long deceased mother.

Read this eye opening news published report and weep!


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List: Philippines ranks 21st of 22 Asian countries in internet download speed


19 May 2015

The Philippines has the second slowest average download speed among Asian countries, according to a study on consumer Internet speeds as of May 2015”.

In its household download index, Internet metrics provider Ookla found that the Philippines averaged a speed of just 3.64 megabytes per second (Mbps), which ranked 176th out of 202 countries worldwide”.

Only one Asian country, war-torn Afghanistan, had slower speeds compared to the Philippines”.

(GMA News Online



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