CIA mind-control program: did it really end?

I came back to read this posting because it speaks to my adopted son now 26 who is entering into the ‘violent’ phase though he has been taking mind control meds for years from his very early childhood years.

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CIA mind-control program: not gone, not forgotten

by Jon Rappoport

January 9, 2015

Follow me on a few twists and turns down the rabbit hole.

Start with this untitled June 27, 1994, document, stored at the National Security Archive at The George Washington University.

It was written by a CIA advisory committee, and forwarded to the Presidential Committee on Human Radiation Experiments, which was preparing public hearings in 1994.

Here is a key quote:

“In the 1950s and 60s, the CIA engaged in an extensive program of human experimentation [MKULTRA], using drugs, psychological, and other means, in search of techniques to control human behavior for counterintelligence and covert action purposes… Most of the MKULTRA records were deliberately destroyed in 1973 by the order of then DCI Richard Helms…Helms testified that he agreed to destroy the records because ‘there had been relationships with outsiders in government agencies and other organizations…

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